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Smalltown Supersound is an independent record label based in Oslo, Norway

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Sold out 139,-
ARP The Soft Wave LP
Sold out 169,- LP
Sold out 169,- cd
Diskjokke En Fin Tid LP
Sold out 169,- LP
Don´t Stop Annie Don´t Stop LP
Sold out 169,- LP
Art Breaker Jazkamer Art Breaker CD
Sold out 165,- CD
Where We're At 2 V.A Where We're At CD
Sold out 49,- CD
Sunkissed V.A Sunkissed CD
Sold out 165,- V.A
Pancakes Jazzkammer Pancakes CD
Sold out 139,- CD
Tussle 5 Tussle Cream Cuts CD
Sold out 139,- CD
TOY Toy Toy CD

139,- CD